$2,100.00 USD


Era - Art Deco

Materials - 14K White Gold And Approximately .75 ct Diamond

Size - 4.5

A bountiful life and the best of fortunes—hardly hiding in plain sight, the Art Deco White Gold Diamond ring is a thrilling talisman of auspicious destiny. Fashioned from 14K white gold and featuring a delectable diamond at its heart, this charming ring whispers of abundance and achievement in every element of its design from the wheat details of its band to the gemstone chosen to center its brilliance. 

Utilized by artisans throughout history to represent prosperity and fruitfulness in all endeavors, wheat celebrates sustenance and success. Honoring the circle of life, it also embodies every phase of one’s aims from germination to growth to fulfillment of ambition. 

Uniting in significance with the symbolism of the wheat details, the diamond itself is a dazzling emblem of plenitude. Known as a gemstone of emotional clarity, dogged tenacity, and confident resilience, diamonds are said to empower those who wear them with all the courage and determination it takes to see their dreams come true.

An Art Deco delight in its every shimmer and shine, this unique ring reminds us that though the seeds of some dreams are planted deep in darkness, there will come a day when they break through into the light and cast their radiant glow of triumph over all our days.