$995.00 USD


Era - Antique

Materials - 14K Gold

While it’s unlikely any of the soldiers fighting through the battles of the 1700s envisioned they would one day be immortalized in a pendant worn by someone centuries later, we are thrilled that at least one individual thought to imagine and create the handsome 18th Century Soldier Pendant. Fashioned from a 14K gold bust engraved to resemble a historic military man along with a miniature saber, this striking antique pendant is truly unconventional adornment brought to life. Singularly provocative, this antique charm was likely created in honor of the contributions made by soldiers, and it adds a morsel of fascinating history to any collection. When it is inevitably remarked on, conversations starters can include the fact that 18th century soldiers in the American Continental Army had to pay for the purchase of their own uniforms and weapons and British soldiers who enlisted in His Majesty’s army before 1775 were career soldiers only discharged from the duty to serve when they were no longer fit for service.