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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold & Diamonds

Size - 3mm x 2mm

Whatever lies within one’s heart will someday be made manifest to the world. Rooted in the teachings of ancient wisdom traditions, this notion gave rise to the Western medieval belief that every good and bad deed enacted by a person was literally documented on their heart. On Judgment Day, it was believed the account of the heart would be measured against the requirements for entry into Paradise. And if this were ever actually the case, there’s no doubt in our mind the Love Little Heart Charm would be sent straight to heaven.

A charming display of 14K gold and diamonds, this darling vintage charm captivates as it catches the light and beams it back into the eye of the beholder with a bit of added sparkle. Symbolizing devoted love and everlasting loyalty in shape as well as gemstones, this delectable dazzler could be a delightful surprise for your beloved or a perfect treat for honoring the history in the making of your own dynamic heart.