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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K gold & Opal

Rumors are fueled by the envious. And when you are among the most magnificent of gems, earfuls of gossip will likely accompany you wherever you go. Or at least that has been the fate of the gloriously mysterious opal. Stones of compelling beauty and ambiguous lore, opals have fascinated humans for thousands of years. And as the gemstones at the heart of these fabulous 14K Gold & Opal Cufflinks, they continue to make the best kind of spectacle of themselves today.

Beloved by ancient Romans as the most exquisite of jewels, opals were believed to embody the splendor as well as the power of rubies, amethysts, and emeralds in one fiercely flashing gem. Said to soothe the eyes, heal the body, and provide the best of luck to those who wore them, opals were coveted above all stones. And though demand for them lulled a bit when an opal featured as a stone of ill omen in Sir Walter Scott’s Anne of Geierstein and diamond merchants fabricated tales of misfortune befalling those who wore them in a bid to invigorate their own diamond market, opals continue to be prized for their allure and significance today.

Gems credited with exciting the imagination while centering one’s own energy, opals are an excellent accompaniment to any day. And set in these vintage gold cufflinks, they shine with an elegance sure to set tongues wagging with admiration.