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To bring back the sun for those who have made it through one more night—that is the work of Helios. The brother of the Moon and the Dawn, Helios drives his golden chariot across the sky in the diurnal rhythm of the cosmos. A brilliant god with golden locks and piercing eyes, Helios was worshiped as the personification of the sun as well as the elemental force behind its existence. Homer believed Helios to be a god who bestows joy on humans, and ancient Greeks of mystical persuasions believed that the abundance of the flora throughout the earth originated in his laugh. 

Though you are not responsible for carrying a celestial golden orb across the sky each day, simply being a good human is quite the daily task. Perhaps a testament to surviving the night or a celebration of light brought into the world, The Helios Ring is the perfect gift to yourself or another for doing the job well. Crafted with exquisite artistry, the 24K gold and shell intaglio of this magnificent ring invites the wearer to honor their own fundamental creative power. 

Life. Joy. Creation. That’s what Helios is all about.

Era - Antique Cameo with Museum Mounting 

Materials - 20k Gold & Shell Intaglio 

Size - US 11.5

Measurements - 16 x 27mm wide