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Era - Pre-Columbian c200 BCE (contemporary ear wires added)

Materials - 22k Gold 

Measurements - 2.3in x 1in

Weight - 4g

Existence is a delicate web of gossamer filaments intertwining the past with the present, the present with the future. From the moment and location of their creation centuries upon centuries ago, these wonderful Zenú Ancient Earrings travel to us on nearly invisible strands of being. Originating somewhere in the valleys of the Sinú and San Jorge rivers in Colombia, these magnificent earrings were carefully crafted by the hands of a skilled Zenú artisan. As members of a powerful civilization known for their agricultural prowess and goldsmithing, the Zenú created impressive textiles, goldworks, pottery, and wickerwork.  In their culture, women were held in high esteem as the living embodiment of fertility and wisdom, and female chieftains ruled some villages while male chieftains ruled others. 

Though time and circumstances brought many changes which nearly extinguished the blaze of the Zenú bloodline, the spirit of these dynamic people continues to live on through their handiwork. Fashioned from gold long before modern machinery existed, these historic earrings are a testament to the love of artistry existing within this ancient civilization. To wear them is to own your place in a story of courage and creativity which began long before you were born and will continue beyond your own stay on this planet. Honoring the past, celebrating the present, and shaping the future are what these extraordinary earrings are all about.