$4,100.00 USD


Era - Edwardian

Materials - .83 ct Diamond & Platinum Ring With Diamond Shoulders

Size - 6.25

In 1477, the very first diamond engagement ring ever recorded was given to Mary of Burgundy by Austria’s Archduke Maximillian. And through every century since that historic ring was created, diamond rings have continued to be exquisite celebrations of a together-ever-after shared with one’s beloved.

A resplendent cosmos of passionate potential held within an enduring embrace—the Edwardian Diamond Swoop Engagement Ring is everything romantic and resilient. Shimmering at its center, the diamond at the heart of this stunning ring has symbolized abiding affection and enthusiastic adoration for more than a century. 

Masterfully composed during an era of artistic sophistication and elegance, the scintillating unity of platinum and diamonds as well as the milgrain edge on each dazzling diamond shoulder sets this ring apart as quintessentially Edwardian. And as this sensational engagement ring was brought into being at the dawn of a new century, it is particularly well-suited for honoring the journey embarked upon with the giving and receiving of its wonder. 

A glorious tribute to the intrepid adventure of your forever love, this magnificent Edwardian ring blesses your future with all the devotion, courage, and tenderness woven through its past.