$7,200.00 USD


Era - Antique

Materials - 14K Gold 

Size - 18"

Weight - 58.79 grams

Regal. Graceful. Glorious. The lustrous Antique Gold Nefertiti Necklace holds these marvelous traits in common with its impressive namesake. 

Lady of All Women and Daughter of the Gods, the queen of ancient Egypt’s 18th dynasty made a name for herself as much more than the Great Royal Wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten. In fact, many historians believe she was co-regent with her husband during the latter years of his reign and even ruled Egypt on her own after his death as the Pharaoh Neferneferuaten. Riding chariots, defeating enemies, and worshipping the solar deity Aten as only a ruler of Egypt would, Nefertiti embodied power, influence, wisdom, and determination. And this fabulous collar necklace honors those who are of her same spirit today.

Fashioned from 14K gold, this antique necklace is a masterpiece of elegant intricacies and particulars. Crafted more than a century ago during a collective Western fascination with all things Egyptian, this singularly stunning necklace is the manifestation of soulful brilliance on display. A decisive statement on symbolic strength as well as  style, this antique gold necklace continues to celebrate all who enthusiastically claim their own splendor today.