$850.00 USD


Era - Art Deco

Materials - Platinum, 14K Gold, 1.02ct Sapphires & .56ct Diamonds

Size - 6

As the ancient Roman God of abundance, liberation, and renewal, Saturn would have felt right at home in the Art Deco era with all its decadence and diversion from established conventions. Deity of creation as well as demise, his reign of peace and plenty may even have been similar to years of innovative jubilation following the worst war the world had yet seen. And certainly he would have thrilled at the radiant Art Deco Sapphire Saturn Ring bearing his name with brilliance.

Fashioned from platinum, 14K gold, diamonds, and sapphires, this phenomenal Art Deco dazzler does not just share its beauty with the one who wears it. It also confers all sorts of mystical benefits, if legends and lore are to be believed. Said to be a gemstone of wisdom, sapphires are credited with bringing calm and clarity to even the most befuddled of minds. It is also believed to open the heart to expansive love and enduring friendships. Augmenting the sapphire’s wonder and significance, diamonds, too, are said to bring their own blessings to bear on those who are fortunate enough to possess them. Jewels of resilient determination and tenacious strength, diamonds are also believed to enhance courageous creativity with each shimmer and sparkle wherever they go.

A fabulous Art Deco ring sharing its name with two celestial bodies, this sapphire and diamond stunner is a divine ornament for every occasion.