$2,500.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K White Gold & 1.20ct Diamonds

Size - .75"

Throughout our history as humans, there have been, and continue to be, as many ideas on what constitutes beauty as there are embodiments of the word. Among our favorites is the concept of beauty illuminated by the Koine Greek word hōraios. Correlating beauty to “being of one’s hour,” this phrase inspires us to think of those who epitomize the exquisite allure of being exactly who they are as they go about their lives. And as elegant adornment perfect for the occasions of just such a life, we can think of no better earrings than these twinkling White Gold Diamond Hoops.

Composed of 14K white gold and diamonds, these radiant vintage earrings are brilliance made manifest. As gemstones credited with helping the wearer unify and celebrate all facets of their being, diamonds are an excellent choice for those who relish the full expression of their own humanity. Complementing the meaning of these dazzling gems, the number of diamonds in each earring suits the significance of these vintage hoops as well. Known in numerology as the number of humanity, five also represents balance, freedom, confidence, and curiosity. 

Perfectly harmonious in appearance as well as symbolism, these fabulous diamond hoops scintillate and shine even on the most humdrum of human days. Elation as earrings, these beauties are a tribute to the glory of being wholly yourself in all your shadow and shine.