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Turquoise is one of the OGs of gemstones, dating all the way back to Mesopotamia, around 5,000 BC. There’s something mystical about the stone and how so many cultures across the earth have worn it, decorated themselves in it, and regarded it as an amulet. With its waxy, sometimes subvitreous (fancy word for glass-like) luster and malleability, ancient peoples from all over the world used the bright blues and greens of turquoise to dress to the nines. 

Our Victorian Ring is one of these charmed masterpieces – she’s a well-loved antique band made in that beautiful old gold the Victorian era was known for. It’s 9-karat gold, with gypsy-set stones that hug each turquoise snugly in place. 

There’s magic all up in this ring - the way she’s survived centuries (still killin it, too), the way she evokes curiosity (where did she come from?), and the way she makes you look so damn good (insert eyes emoji here).

Era - Victorian

Materials - 9k Gold & Turquoise

Size - 5.5