$650.00 USD

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Era - c1851

Materials - 18k Gold (weight 4g/ 7.4mm wide)

Size - US 6.5

Measurements - 7.5mm

Hallmarks for Birmingham 

If you think millennials have a lot of feelings, you should have met the Victorians: When these folks felt things, they felt them.  Notorious for their sentimentality, Victorians wore their hearts on their sleeves — or, in the case of buckle rings, on their fingers. Visual representations of binding love, sentiment, loyalty, fidelity, protection, and friendship, buckle rings came in various styles and were popular presents given to lovers, partners, and friends. 
Common as they may have been, not all buckle rings were created equal. And we’d like to think we’ve got one of the best: Our Bella Band is dainty, delicate, and detailed to no end. With a textured band of the butteriest 18k gold and an ornate (and impressively realistic) buckle, our Bella Band is one of the most stunning examples of an early buckle ring. 
The ultimate symbol of everlasting love, there’s no doubt that the Bella Band would make a pretty killer wedding band… But, hey! Self-love is love, too! And we see no reason why this pretty little thing can’t be a little gift from you, to you. (Ya know… like, for your birthday, or Christmas, or a Tuesday.)