$1,200.00 USD


Era - 1970

Materials - Platinum & Emeralds (.50cts)

Size - 5

Measurements - 2.78mm wide

Cleopatra was obsessed with it. Jackie Kennedy sported it as an engagement ring. Shah Jahan considered it to be holy. What exactly was this mystery muse? The Emerald, of course. 

“Emerald” stems from the Latin word for green, “smaragdus.” No, it’s not a pretty word, and how on earth time and language transformed it into “emerald” is a well-kept secret. What isn’t a mystery, however, is the luscious green goodness that it describes, flowing like ivy around platinum in this to-die-for eternity band. Our Emerald Eternity Band boasts .50 carats of the greenest green, encircling a size 5 US band circa 1970.

Emeralds were known as lucky, symbols of rebirth, and for their magical tendencies of foresight and truth telling. It’s really no wonder the last Queen of Egypt, the most famous of First Ladies, and the King of the World himself (yes, that’s what Shah Jahan translates to), were unequivocally mesmerized.

For an engagement ring with a colorful twist or that little treat just for you (because why in the hell not?). She’s ripe for pairing and would make a delectable addition to a carefully curated left-hand stack, Although, to be honest, she makes quite a statement all her own.