The Fossilized Sharks Tooth Old European Cut Diamond Pendant

$1,642.00 USD


Metal: 14K Gold

Stone: Fossilized Sharks Tooth & Old European Cut Diamond

Diamond Size: .47ct

Chain: Vintage, 14K gold, 18” long


The Found Collection represents discovery, strength, and perseverance. It marries the unique and natural beauty of a shark's tooth with reclaimed components from antique and vintage jewelry. Each pendant is a talismanic punctuation with a delicious pop of shine and sparkle atop a funky fossilized shark's tooth. Many of the precious stones retain their original antique or vintage setting. All elements are carefully and cosmically matched to fit together like a dream. The One I Love NYC and The Moonstoned joined forces to hatch this incomparable collection, which spotlights the beauty of historic artifacts and the magic of intentional design.
Recycled stones and metals lend historical depth and conjure new beauty. Like each vintage or antique component, fossilized shark teeth have withstood great transformation. Incubated in the earth for thousands (or millions!) of years, they absorb different minerals during the fossilization process. The alchemy of minerals and time leads to those varied dark hues—that deep ebony and those gradients of steely blue-gray.

Sharks say goodbye to about 35,000 teeth throughout the course of their lives. Luckily, they grow back fast—sometimes in the span of a day. Just like our own strength regrows and blossoms, so too do sharks regenerate their teeth, the physical manifestation of their power. It’s all a cycle; rebirth and renewal. 

Sharks are crazy resilient. And smart too! They can learn how to navigate a maze ten times faster than a rabbit and they can remember the route a year later. Sharks existed before dinosaurs and their fossilized teeth tell a 400-million year tale. With that sort of staying power, it’s no wonder sharks show up in literature and folklore across the ages and from the Pacific Islands to West Africa. Mayans saw sharks as sacred and Polynesians revered them as protective spirits. Their triangular teeth also caught the attention of ancient civilizations. Romans assumed they fell from the sky during lunar eclipses and in the Middle Ages, people mistook them for petrified dragon or snake tongues. Whatever their perceived origin, shark teeth were used throughout history as weapons, royal adornment, and good luck charms.

The idea for The Found Collection arose when Mia Moross, founder of The One I Love NYC, received dozens of shark teeth from her dear friend, Meg. Meg had become an avid collector of shark teeth after moving to the coast of Maryland and experiencing a cancer diagnosis. Combing the mid-Atlantic beaches offered a safe harbor, a source of tenacity, and a reminder of her own warrior spirit. Every shark’s tooth featured in The Found Collection was gathered by Meg.

The collection celebrates Meg—her strength, her courage. Her ferocity of will in her fight against cancer. It also seeks to recognize and honor everyone touched and affected by cancer. Everyone who stands tall and steady as a life line and support system alongside those who are battling.

The Found Collection melds Mia’s extensive expertise in historical artifacts with the skilled aesthetic eye of Elizabeth Potts, founder of The Moonstoned. They created this collection for you. For the dynamos who go after what they want. For the fearless lovers of all things unique and special. For the ballsy babes with a feisty streak and a graceful spirit. For those radiant souls we want to celebrate, protect, and swim beside. For us all, as a reminder of the 35,000 times we’ll dip into that wellspring of strength and resolve that lives deep in us all.