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Era - French c1940’s

Materials - 18k Gold & Platinum, Old Mine Cut & Rose Cut diamonds (.85tcw)

Size - US 8.5

Producing fine jewelry in Europe during the 1940s was not an easy thing to do.

Like nearly every facet of society, the jewelry industry was ravaged by WWII. 
Silver and platinum?
Redirected to military production. 
Precious gems? Hard to find and even harder to afford. 
The sheer existence of our Scroll Ring, then, is really quite remarkable. With a bold ribbon of 18k gold embracing a sparkling center of platinum and Old Mine and rose cut diamonds (.85cts), she’s everything wartime European jewelry was told it couldn’t be. Made in France in the 1940s, this stunner truly defies the odds and makes us wonder: 
Is she the product of numerous family heirlooms, sacrificed for a lavish wartime declaration of love? Or was she made for an aristocrat to whom the rules simply didn’t apply? Perhaps she was a jeweler’s one last shot at greatness before losing his factory to the war? 
We’ll likely never really know, but that’s what makes our Scroll Ring all the more special.
One in a million. A statement piece. A survivor. The Scroll Ring is one slick little lady and the perfect reminder to shine as bright as you can, even when things get hard.