$875.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold & Amethyst

Size - US 9

Daughter of Zeus and a titan. Sister to Apollo. Patron saint of girls and women. Goddess of animals. Deity of the moon. Possessor of coveted good looks. Hunter who took no shi*. 
Fair to say Artemis was one cool chick. And who wouldn't want to rock a little bit of that?
A little androgynous, a lot strong, and with unparalleled beauty, our Artemis Ring is more than worthy of the name. The wide 14k gold band features unique, abstract etching on both sides and is crowned by a jaw-dropping faceted lavender-hued amethyst. 
Chic and attention-commanding. This one’s for all the strong goddesses/gods out there. 
May we be them. May we know them. May they get the jewelry they deserve.