$850.00 USD


Ancient Romans believed that opals harnessed the power of all gemstones. Like the Infinity Gauntlet of gemology. The famed Roman politician and general, Mark Antony, desperately attempted to trade one-third of his treasured kingdom for a single opal, owned and adored by a senator who refused to give up his stone, and all of its powerful talismanic goodness.

When he couldn’t get his way, he did what any of us would do (you know, if you’re also dating Cleopatra, leading the most powerful army in existence, and luxuriating in your unlimited amounts of cash) – he banished the senator from his Roman Empire.

Talk about dramatic.

A kaleidoscope of color glows within this cabochon-cut precious opal with perfect diamond sidekicks, all wrapped up in warm 18-karat gold. This size 6 US band decorates the finger in straight up rainbow firelight that glows and glows and glows.  

For my October babies out there, our vintage Dawn Ring cloaks magic around that pretty finger of yours. Do as the Romans do. Get a little dramatic.

Era - Vintage

Materials - 18k Gold, Opal & Diamonds

Size - 6