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The Ancient Egyptians believed that scarabs were a mystical, life-giving beetle with phoenix-like magic. The scarab was associated with the Sun God because beetles and gods always go hand in...tarsal claws. 

The Sun God rolls his blazing ball of fire from one end of the sky to the other, just as the beetle rolls her dung into a ball, which protects and feeds her eggs. When the eggs hatch, they crawl out of this orb, feeding on what mother left and birthing themselves out into the world. Pretty sweet. 

The Sun God was thought to be reborn every morning in the form of a - you guessed it - scarab. And as this Sun God rose into the sky he gifted the earth with light and life. 

Set in honey-colored 14-karat gold and topped with a token from the ancient world, this talismanic scarab faience (basically, the Ancient Egyptian’s version of ceramic) ring is one for the ages. She’s powerful and protective, was worn by the Egyptians and now it’s your turn to give new life to this ancient treasure.

Era - c1900

Materials - 14k Gold & Scarab Faience 

Size - 4.25

Measurements - 13mm Wide