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Loved + STONEWALL PROTESTS GIVEAWAY +? Email us below to find something similar.


For this Giveaway I ask you to join me in lifting up the voices of @stonewallprotests and liberating a community that continues to fight, tirelessly, for their family who every day suffers unjustified heartache and loss. This team gathers to help those most impacted by organizing food drives, transportation, emotional and physical support, housing and supplies. Every dollar raised will be donated to their cause.


There are several ways to Win. Each entry is a $25 ticket, purchased directly on our site. The more tickets you purchase, the more chances you have to win The Diamond Serena! Not everyone can pay to play, so for every 10 people you share with below we will add your name in the hat. You MUST also be following @thestonewallprotests to win.


The Stonewall Protests deserve every bit of support and magic we can give, that and more and it’s an honor to donate.


A winner will be chosen September 15th ✨