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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold

Size - 7

Width - 4mm

We are all in this together. The tension of being human might make us forget that sometimes, but it does not invalidate the truth that existence is a shared experience. Linked to the past, present, and future, no one is insignificant. As we travel on our daily journey, we are gifted with opportunities to treat the earth, animals, and other humans with kindness and compassion—creating a rippling of goodwill that will go far enough to improve the lives of those we have not met. That is the gift and responsibility of being alive. 


Crafted with care by someone who came before, this stackable 14K Gold Chain Ring reminds us that the artistry we have the courage to share with others adds beauty to times and places we may not touch ourselves. The links of gold prompt us to remember our significance even on days when we feel disconnected. Slip it on your finger by itself or integrate its unique charm into a stack of rings for added flair. However you choose to wear it, you become a part of this vintage ring’s story and it becomes a part of yours.