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Era - Antique c1880's

Materials - 18k Gold

Size - 6.5

Width - 8mm

In Victorian society, nearly everything worth discussing was deemed too coarse for polite conversation—and rudeness was a damnable offense. Still, though, the people of Victorian times felt desire, love, and grief with depth and intensity. Repressed from verbalizing particular sentiments, they utilized symbolism to communicate the more ardent of their feelings. Jewelry was more than simple adornment. Longing, devotion, passion, and bereavement—all were encoded in the pieces a person wore in plain sight.


For Victorians, the belt and buckle symbolized eternal loving strength. Rings like this impressive 18K Gold Buckle ring were often exchanged as a token of commitment between two souls certain they were as well-matched as a belt is with its own buckle.The intricate scrolling on the band of this ring likely served to symbolically embellish the declaration of love made in the giving of this ring without the use of word. Buckle rings also served as mourning jewelry—a silent yet resolute declaration that the love shared between the giver and receiver could not be bound by such trivialities as life and death.


All these years later, this marvelous ring invites the wearer to imagine not just the past but the future. Whether you gift this piece to another or honor yourself by placing it on your own finger, the infinite circle of intricately carved gold hints at a love which is never lost.