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Era - 1990’s

Materials - Blue Plastic, 18k Gold and Heart Shaped Blue Topaz

Size - US 6

This bright bauble states to the world: I am fun and give zero fucks about traditional beauty standards. It’s the adult version of a cherry ring pop. The little girl in you widens her eyes and screams, "oh my god I want it!" The adult woman in you answers, "and so you shall have it." 


A happy blue topaz in the shape of a sweet little heart is set in the most 90’s setting any modern woman could wish for: Bold. Blue. Plastic. The Bubblegum Pop Ring is a throwback dream! 


Rock it with a t-shirt under a sundress, a short skirt and Doc Martin's, or with a choker to channel your inner teen. Or, you know, the badass adult woman who can buy herself treasures that make her younger self giggle.