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Era - Victorian

Materials - 12k Gold Carved Amethyst Cameo & Split Pearls

Size - 3.25

Measurements - 21.5mm x 16.3mm

‘Amethyst’ stems from the Greek word for ‘not drunken.’ Ancient Greeks would carve wine chalices from this vividly violet stone and party all night long believing they couldn’t get drunk. It’s rather fitting that Dionysus, the god of wine, merriment, and theatre (aka: all things fun) would be forever carved into the stone that defies his very nature.


The Victorians were a suspicious supernatural bunch so it’s no surprise they crafted this stunning conversation starter. Measuring 21.5 north to south and 16.3 mm east to west, this amethyst intaglio is everything a godly bauble should be – charming, framed in split pearls, and set in silky silky 12-karat gold. And as a size 3.5 US, it’s that perfectly divine pinky bling you’ve been waiting for. Time to party with the gods, Mount Olympus-style.