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Era - Vintage

Materials - Platinum, Chrysoberyl, Diamond

Size - 5.5


There are troves of joy to be found in the ordinary if only we have the vision to recognize the particular shimmer of everyday wonder when it flashes before our eyes. And if lore is to be believed, the mesmerizing Antique Chrysoberyl Diamond Halo Ring offers aid for just such divining within its gorgeous being. 

Featuring a marvelous cat’s eye chrysoberyl nestled within the embrace of 12 scintillating diamonds, this antique platinum ring sparkles with the light of all that is possible. Guardian gemstone of health and wellbeing, chrysoberyl is said to inspire creative conceptions and reveal the remarkable within the wearer and the world. Jewel of ambition and gem of confidence, it is an ideal accompaniment for all the courageous adventures of life.

As a spectacular complement to the captivating chrysoberyl cabochon, the diamond halo surround dances in perfect rhythm with the beauty and significance of the center jewel. Said to attract prosperity and assuage fears, diamonds are also gems of clarity and are believed to open the eyes of those who wear them to opportunities for elation and abundance. 

Exquisitely entrancing, this delightful ring has adorned the fingers of fortunate souls for decades. And now it is your turn to savor the sunshine of this timeless beauty as it brightens any ensemble and emboldens every day.