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Era - Victorian

Materials - Demantoid Garnett (.60ct) & Rose Cut Diamond (.85ct)

Size - 7

While many of the gemstones which found their home in Victorian jewelry had been prized for centuries, what makes the singular Antique Demantoid Garnet & Rose Cut Diamond Ring utterly fascinating is that the demantoid garnet which centers the ring was a recent discovery at the time this piece was created. First sighted by children along the banks of the Bobrovka River in the Ural Mountains in the mid-1800s, demantoid garnet was officially declared a unique mineral in 1864. Still quite rare, this gem takes its place in jewelry history as one of the most coveted gemstones of all time.


Fashioned in the Victorian era, this stunning demantoid garnet and diamond gold ring shows off just why demantoid garnets became all the rage among the Russian and European aristocracies in the wake of their discovery. With an incandescence that rivals diamonds and a color evocative of a tropical paradise, these gemstones are a stunning example of the surprising wonders held within our incredible planet. Vibrant and vivid, the allure of this dazzling demantoid garnet is enhanced by the two sumptuous rose cut diamonds embracing it. More than simply a splendid ring sure to enchant, this piece is tribute to magnificence unearthed.