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Era - 1900's

Materials - 14k Yellow Gold

Size - 5.5 - due to the intricacies of the metalwork on this ring, it cannot be resized.

Enduring affection and a love which lasts beyond the bounds of breath and heartbeat—that is what buckle rings have signified throughout history. Popularized during the Victorian era when nearly everything worth discussing was deemed too impolite for almost all conversations, buckle rings were often exchanged between two people who were certain their souls were as well-matched with each other as a belt is with its own buckle. Believing that love does not die even when a body does, Victorians also wore buckle rings in mourning to show the world they continued to hold the departed one in their hearts though they were no longer able to clasp them in an embrace. Devotion and passion, longing and grief—all were encoded in a ring worn in plain sight though these were topics rarely breeched with the spoken word. 

Expertly designed and fashioned at the turn of the 20th century from 14K gold, the Antique Gold Engraved Buckle Ring is simple enough for everyday wear while adding distinct charm to special occasions. Gifted to another or yourself, the rich history of this splendid engraved gold ring serves as a beautiful reminder that the love we offer to others and ourselves is the greatest gift of all.