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Era - Antique c1910

Materials - 14K Gold & Lapis 

Size - 5.75

Heaven in a ring—that’s what comes to mind every time we catch a glimpse of the sensational Antique Lapis Ring. Designed with 14K gold capturing the gleam of the sun as it embraces the elysian orb of lapis lazuli, this antique showstopper has been beguiling humans for more than a century. 

Owing to its shades of celestial blue, lapis lazuli has long been associated with the Divine, the wise, and the regal, and reverence for this outstanding gemstone has spanned almost the entire timeline of humanity as well as the globe. In ancient Egypt, one could be paid no higher tribute than offerings of lapis. In Hebrew scriptures, it makes an appearance as one of the central gems adorning the high priests. And during the Middle Ages, lapis was credited with foiling the plans of evil spirits while garnering favor with spirits of light, while adoration for its ultramarine hue swept through the Renaissance.

Today, the superb stone at the center of this fascinating ring from the early years of the 20th century is still said to offer many benefits to those who wear it. It is believed to aid learning and memory and encourage serenity even in the most turbulent of times. Lapis is also said to reveal inner truths and empower self-acceptance—making it an excellent gem for creative, curious souls. Brilliant in every sense, this gorgeous ring is the perfect choice for livening up every day with something extraordinary.