$7,200.00 USD


Era - c1880's

Materials - 18k Gold and Old European Cut Diamond (1.35ct L/VS1)

Size - 7

A frisson of anticipation ripples throughout her being until her eyes sparkle with the excitement of climbing aboard for the journey of a lifetime. She has lost count of all the trains she has boarded in her lifetime, but the Orient Express is unforgettable. Decadently designed with an eye towards luxurious travel, it is the first of its kind. The only of its kind. As she settles in for the continental crossing, she smiles to herself. Soon she will be in the arms of the one she loves. The one who placed this exquisite diamond ring on her finger. Artfully created just for her, this dazzling testament of adoration delights her. Like the train, it is singular and special, as is the love she shares with the one who waits for her.

Fashioned in the same decade that brought to life the Orient Express, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and the Eiffel Tower, this extraordinary Antique Old European Cut Solitaire Ring shares its beginnings with some of the most monumental achievements of modern history. The 1.35 carat old European cut diamond at the heart of this marvelous 18K gold ring shimmers and shines with more than two centuries of stories and adventures. Symbolic of a love which endures beyond the boundaries of time, this magnificent ring is the perfect beginning to the next chapter of your unique tale.