$3,200.00 USD


Era - Antique

Materials - 18K, Peruzzi Cut Diamond (0.95ct)

* Chain sold separately here.

Not many facts are remembered of Vincent Peruzzi, inhabitant of Venice and diamond artisan of the mid-17th century. Who he adored, how he spent any leisure hours, what his ambitions for his existence were are details all lost to time. But more than 350 years after he lived and died, his name continues to be celebrated in the world of diamond cutting and polishing, for it was his ingenuity which created the Peruzzi cut diamond. And it is his artistic prowess we have to thank for the singularly scintillating beauty of the Antique Peruzzi Diamond.

Composed of 18K gold and a 0.95ct Peruzzi cut diamond, this antique treasure is a tribute to novel approaches. While most of the diamond polishers around him were fixated on fashioning rose cut diamonds, Vincent Peruzzi envisioned a diamond cut of 33 fiery facets and then he brought his vision to life. The shimmering radiance of the Peruzzi cut would go on to inspire the creation of the modern brilliant cut, but a diamond formed just how Vincent Peruzzi imagined it still cannot be rivaled. 

Brought into being more than a century ago, this antique diamond delight dazzles with the daring to be different. Tribute to originality, this diamond is a subtle reminder that being true to ourselves is a lasting gift to the world.