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Era - Antique c1910

Materials - 14k Gold

Size - 3.75mm x 3.25mm 


First comes function, then comes fashion—or so it often goes in the history of jewelry and curios. From rings and necklaces to bracelets and baubles, tales of the ornamental often begin thousands of years ago when purpose provoked the creation of accessories which were soon embellished to suit the prevailing tastes of time. Thus the first sentences of the story of the darling Antique Pillbox—crafted from 14K Gold—were written at the advent of pills to treat ills all the way back in 1500 BCE.

An excellent cache for feathers, stones, leaves, and love notes, this diminutive antique delight of engraved beauty was created more than a century ago to keep capsules and lozenges within easy reach at all times, and turns something as simple as toting tablets into an opportunity for unique self-expression. This tiny box of splendid is also perfect for stashing miniature memories of moments that matter. A timeless treasure more than 100 years old, this antique pill box is more than ready to again be employed or simply admired.