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Era - 1930s

Materials - 14k Gold, Saphire (.57ct) Diamonds (1.66ct)

Size - 6

Long before any words to describe their magnificence were first written down, sapphires were bewitching the world. In fact, ancient Persians believed the world itself rested on an enormous sapphire and that the heavens were colored by its reflection. Sapphires found on the earth were said to be shards from this tremendous gem, and those fortunate enough to adorn themselves with these gemstones were blessed indeed. Coveted and craved throughout time and civilizations, the enduring legacy of sapphires continues to be their strength, resilience, and singular beauty. 

Fashioned from 14K gold and featuring a marvelous sapphire held within the embrace of dazzling diamonds, the Antique Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring is a tribute to enduring love in every part of its design. More than simply a breathtaking blue, the sapphire which centers this ring symbolizes fidelity, wisdom, and sincerity, while the diamonds which form the glittering halo are symbolic of courage and commitment. United together in a shape which embodies eternity, these gems shimmer and shine with a radiance that can only be rivaled by the smiles shared between two people enveloped in a love too wonderful for words.