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Era - Antique 

Materials - 15k Gold & Sardonyx 

Size - 8.75

Measurements - 15mm Hight x 14mm Width

Hallmarks - Birmingham 1917

Stately elegance. Uncomplicated grace. Quiet allure. This Antique Sardonyx Ring is magnificent in its simplicity. Skillfully crafted from 15K gold and sardonyx, this handsome ring features a beloved gemstone at its heart. Prized as a stone of protection throughout known history, sardonyx has always been a gem of the people. The courage it is said to bestow upon wearers was accessible to more than just wealthy and royal in ancient times as its comparative availability made it an adornment many could afford. Known as a gem of the root chakra, sardonyx is believed by some to lend its stability, strength, and courage to the one who wears it. Though often carved into cameos and intaglios, the smooth face of this sardonyx is all the more charming for its serenity. Stately yet simple, this ring is complements casual as well as formal, proving that one need not be flashy to be extraordinary.