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Era - Antique

Materials - White Gold, Turquoise, Diamonds

Size - 6.5

According to the legends of ancient Persia, those who saw the reflection of a new moon on the face of a true friend, a copy of the Koran, or the surface of a turquoise were practically guaranteed to be granted good fortune and preserved from harm. Though we have no way of knowing how often this belief corresponded to reality, this enchanting Antique Turquoise and Diamond Halo Ring makes it easy to see why the wonder of this gem was held in equal esteem to sincere friendship and sacred texts. 

Masterfully crafted more than a century ago, this brilliant antique dazzler features a marvelous turquoise cabochon and a crown of darling diamonds all held within a white gold embrace. Symbolic of tranquility and wisdom, this sweet splash of cerulean has long been credited with bestowing on wearers success, ingenuity, and clarity. It is also said to be a stone perfect for celebrating one’s own existence as it honors the relationship between mortal and divine in more than just its heavenly hue. And with a reputation for being gems which unify spirit and matter even as they sparkle and shine, each of the nine halo diamonds are essentially elegant exclamation points for the undeniable allure and significance of this antique white gold ring.

More than simply a gorgeous composition of precious jewels, this turquoise and diamond ring is a radiant reminder that being is a blessing to revel in and goodness is worth celebrating wherever we find it.