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Era - Victorian

Materials - 18k Gold & Diamonds (Center Old Euro est 1.30cts K/L with an Old Mine Cut Halo est 1ct) 

Size - 7

No doubt about it—a ring this marvelous was made to honor a remarkable love. Handcrafted during the reign of Queen Victoria, this gorgeous ring is an ideal testament to romance and new beginnings. As the artisan who crafted this ring worked to fashion its extraordinary beauty, the queen and her prince consort were utterly enamored of each other. Their relationship as well as their own artistic talents influenced art, culture, design, and jewelry more than any other monarchy in history. And with such innovations as the automobile, electricity, and photography, the Victorian era was also a time of keen excitement about what the future might bring. 

Born from such a time as this, the Antique Victorian Cluster Engagement Ring is the perfect adornment for honoring the new chapter about to unfold. The center diamond was cut with care by skillful hands and features larger faceting and a softer appearance than many modern diamonds. Formed in a time before technology made geometric precision possible, this gemstone was shaped for ultimate sparkle by candlelight. Every diamond in the halo, too, was also cut by hand and features 58 facets for maximum shimmer. Set into a handsome band of 18K gold, these stunning gems dance with joy in any light. More than a magnificent piece of history, this enchanting engagement ring is sure to be a cherished testament to your own unique love story.