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Era - 1920's

Materials - Platinum, Diamond (.93ct) & Peridot (1.80ct)

Size - 7

*Official Appraisal Included 

With a color the exact hue of a newly-unfurled oak leaf caught in the beam of the early morning sun, it is no wonder the peridot is associated with Isis, the goddess of spring. Beloved as the most gracious and humane of the Egyptian deities, Isis guided the realms of motherhood and magic. As a way to draw ever closer to the divine mother and nature herself, priests of Isis would grind peridot into a powder and ingest it during ceremonies honoring the goddess. 

Known as a gemstone of abundance, transformation, and transcendence, it is only fitting that this gem centers the heart of the Art Deco Diamond and Peridot Dinner Ring. When the Great War was over, the shift in the collective consciousness of the country emboldened women to step into their own power and decide for themselves what they wanted and where they belonged. Adorning themselves with jewelry as bold and brilliant as they were, these women chose to expand in a way which would make the mother goddess of Egypt herself glow with pride. 

Impossible to ignore, this sumptuous platinum ring is set with shimmering diamonds and a vibrant geometric peridot at its center. Dazzling as it gleams in any light, this magnificent ring has drawn attention throughout its history. To wear it is to own your place in the company of thriving goddesses—both human and divine.