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Era - Art Deco

Materials - Platinum & 14k Gold, Carved Jade, Seed Pearl & Diamond

Length - 16"

Before creation, there is a dream. Visions of what might be flit through the imagination, and what is possible beguiles and excites. Honoring the whisper of the muse, the creator begins their work, seeing it through with fortitude and commitment despite inevitable doubts. 

The Art Deco Jade & Diamond Necklace—expertly fashioned from platinum, 14K gold, seed pearl, diamond, and carved jade—is just such a delicious dream come true. Crafted with care during the Deco era, this fascinating necklace is a tribute to artistry and inspiration. Centering this singular necklace is jade—a gemstone known to both awaken the dreams held within a person’s soul as well as inspire the courage and discipline to act on aspirations. A magnificent stone prized by visionaries throughout the world, jade’s reputation for bringing good fortune to all who possess it has made the gemstone cherished the whole world over for thousands of years. A gem of immense strength as well as one believed to inspire balance and clarity, jade is as versatile as those who adorn themselves with its beauty. A captivating necklace, this Art Deco piece a celebration of all who dare to imagine and accomplish.