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Era - Art Deco

Materials - 18k Gold, Platinum, Onyx and Diamonds (1ct)

Size - 5.5

Joseph Campbell once said that the cave we fear to enter is where we will discover the treasure we seek, and he knew a thing or two about the relationship between fears and fulfillment. Coming of age in the 1920s, he saw firsthand the shift in the collective consciousness which liberated and terrified society in the Art Deco era.

Women who left hearth and home to work in factories during the Great War were loath to return to an existence restricted by the wearisome cultural expectations of life before the war. They began to manifest their own magnificence and frightened the heck out of the stodgy and sanctimonious in the process. To these bold women, we owe more than gratitude. Not only did they begin blazing the trail towards equal education, employment, and economic freedom, their dynamic tastes in adornment are why we have this fabulous Art Deco Onyx and Diamond Hexagon Ring with us today.

Masterfully crafted from 18K gold, platinum, onyx, and 1 carat of diamonds, the gemstones which center this spectacular ring epitomize the Art Deco era. As a stone which has been lauded as both ominous and glorious throughout time and civilizations, onyx is believed to help integrate dualities and empower self-mastery while diamonds have long been symbolic of strength, resilience, and tenacity. We absolutely love this ring for all it embodies beyond being singularly beautiful. A ring with a past, this is a perfect piece for anyone determined to face their fears and make history.