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Era - Art Deco

Materials - Platinum, Diamond (.80ct) & Pearl 

Size - 7.5

Toi et moi—you and me. Since Napoleon offered Joséphine a sapphire and diamond toi et moi ring in 1796, these rings have been considered the most romantic adornment of love one can give to another. Yet the magic of this marvelous Art Deco Pearl and Diamond Toi Et Moi Ring actually puts us in mind of another love and another Joséphine.

In 1925 Paris, the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratif brought the Art Deco design movement into existence. In the same city, in the same year, Joséphine Baker created her own movement—entrancing individuals with audacity and unapologetic allure as she danced. Often wearing pearls, a tiny skirt, and little else during her performances, Joséphine flouted all expectations of her. Yes, people gossiped. But Joséphine paid little attention to anyone’s attempts to malign her. She knew who she was, and she loved herself.

An exquisite ring for celebrating the affection felt for another or love and loyalty to one’s own being, this enchanting Art Deco Ring features a gleaming pearl and dazzling .80 carat diamond nestled in a platinum embrace. As a gemstone wholly beautiful without human intervention, the pearl—Joséphine’s birthstone—honors essence and is believed to assist the wearer throughout the ebbs and flows of life. And its shimmering diamond companion lends strength and fortitude for the journey ahead. A tribute to all empowering love, this fabulous Art Deco ring celebrates the age in which it was fashioned and as well as the soul of the one who wears it today.