$2,400.00 USD


Era - Art Deco

Materials - 18k Gold, Platinum, Diamonds & Rubies 

Size - 28mm

While Queen of Heaven is an honorific bestowed on several goddesses worshipped throughout the earth and history, it is a title those in some Christian traditions reserve for Mary, Mother of Jesus. Though not a ruler in her own right, Mary is believed by many to possess divine authority by virtue of her position as the mother of Jesus. In the patriarchal age, the most powerful woman in the land was rarely a wife of the king since a king could have many wives. But as a king only had one mother, it was to that woman people went when they desired someone to intercede on their behalf. 


A mosaic of exquisite artistry, The Mary Pendant is sure to catch the attention of those who see you wearing it. Composed of 18K gold, platinum, diamond, and rubies, this piece was expertly crafted to make an impression. Intricate details and splendid filagree enhance the magnificence of the celestial mother. Whether or not you believe wearing this necklace bearing the image of Mary will confer special blessings to you, this brilliant pendant is sure to make a statement: Never underestimate the power and wisdom of a woman.