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Era - Art Deco

Materials - Platinum, Sapphires, Diamonds

Dynamic souls though we may be, the rumpus of ordinary life often keeps us hustling. And in the bustle, our visionary forebears are often far from our everyday thoughts. Yet every contemporary artistic imagining is entwined with the creative consciousness of artisans who came before, and that’s why we adore antique and vintage jewelry like this spectacular Art Deco Sapphire & Diamond Encircled Brooch.

Besides being utterly bewitching to behold, this Art Deco embodiment of elegance aligns us with an era known for ingenuity and innovation in jewelry design. Not quite a square, not quite a circle, this brooch is everything singularly sleek and sophisticated.

Dazzling from within the stunning surround of sapphires, the diamonds of this extraordinary brooch flash and catch all the light. Gems of daring said to embody the beauty of all other jewels in all their shimmer and shine, diamonds are gemstones credited with opening the mind to possibilities previously unimagined. Harmonizing perfectly with each diamond in both allure and significance, sapphires have been honored as stones of wisdom since the days of the ancients. Gems of abundance manifested, sapphires are also believed to bless those who wear them with the vision and discipline to make their dreams come true.

An enchanting addition to any collection and every ensemble, this Art Deco masterpiece conjures up the glitz and glamour of the past and brings the marvel of long ago to the present.