$5,430.00 USD


Era - Antique Art Nouveau

Materials - 18k Gold, Diamonds (.60ct) & Enamel 

Length - 16"

It is impossible to grow without getting dirty, without spending time in the darkness. This is the lesson of the lotus. Rooted in the mire, the lotus reaches through watery depths towards the sun and flourishes once it breaks through the bounds of the deep. And oh how beautiful the lotus blooms—a floral tribute to tenacity and tenderness. Symbolic of soulful awakening and rebirth, the lotus honors what it means to be human in all the grime and glory. 


Highlighting many of the quintessential design elements of its era, the Art Nouveau Enameled Lotus Chain transcends the realm of mere adornment as it empowers the wearer to embrace the whole of their human journey. Fashioned from 18K gold and featuring twinkling diamonds and exquisite enamel, this antique necklace is artistic celebration of Mother Nature’s wonders mingled with the creative prowess of humankind. An affirmation of the divine within and without, this marvelous Art Nouveau necklace is the perfect complement to any day on this mystical, magical planet.