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Era - Art Nouveau

Materials - 18k Gold, Old Mine Cut Diamonds and Emerald

Size - 4

There is a great deal more to being an artist than flashes of brilliance followed by success. As romantic as the creative process might look from the outside, we know the toil, tears, and time which go into almost any masterpiece. Perhaps that is why we are so utterly smitten with this magnificent Art Nouveau J.E. Caldwell Emerald Ring. Expertly designed and crafted during the Art Nouveau period, this gorgeous emerald ring is a stunning tribute to the careful workmanship of the artisans at J.E. Caldwell in Philadelphia. Featuring a brilliant emerald enhanced by old mine cut diamonds, this 18K gold ring is beauty and imagination manifested in a stunning piece of jewelry. 

It is only fitting that an emerald centers this superb ring. Prized as a gemstone which embodies the full expanse of romantic relationships from infatuation to enduring commitment, emeralds are also gems of clarity and creative expression. In the company of four dazzling diamonds—jewels known to symbolize strength and tenacity—this emerald shines even brighter as it keeps good company with you on your continuing journey to manifest your own greatness. In the same way we know that this bewitching ring would not exist without dedicated skill and labor, we know that the wonder people see when they look at you is a fascinating work in progress crafted using your own courage, resilience, and magic.