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Era - Georgian

Materials - Gold, Blue Glass Enamel, Diamonds (est 2tct)

Size - 6

Caroline Herschel was a stargazer. More than simply looking at the night sky, though, Caroline Herschel studied it. As the earth rotated through its days and seasons, she searched the darkened heavens for what might be found there and thus became the first woman known to discover a comet. While living and working in the Georgian era meant much of her work was credited to her brother, she stood firm on her insistence to earn an independent wage for her endeavors and was the first woman to receive a salary for services to science. Caroline Herschel was quite a woman, quite a human, and we can’t help but think of her when we look at this stunning Bague de Firmament jewelry.

Bague De Firmament—Ring Of Heaven. With the astronomical advances of the Georgian era, the collective eyes of Great Britain were turned towards the stars. Wanting to capture the spectacular radiance of the night sky in ornamentation, artisans created marvelous rings designed to inspire an awe similar to what is felt when looking up at the heavens on a clear night. And with the Bague De Firmament, the artisan did just that. Expertly crafted from shimmering gold, pristine blue glass enamel, and dazzling diamonds, this magnificent ring is a tribute to the wonders which exist beyond the bounds of gravity. More than that, though, to us it is also a celebration of all who dare to look at the stars and find their place among them.