$3,850.00 USD


Era - Contemporary

Materials - Platinum, Black Opal, Diamonds

Size - 7.5

Witch. Harridan. Crone. Plenty of pejoratives have been hurled throughout history in erroneous attempts to belittle bold women. But we will always celebrate the eccentric, the assertive, the mystical, the curious, and the sensual among us. And for just such a person there is perhaps no better tribute to their own brazen being than the Black Opal and Diamond Ring.

Nearly as prismatic in significance as it is in appearance, the compelling black opal held between two radiant diamonds at the center of this platinum ring has endured its own share of gossip throughout the centuries. Though ancient populations tended to think of the opal as a talisman of good fortune—an entire auspicious rainbow in one gemstone—jealous diamond merchants began to cast aspersions on the jewel when its popularity diminished the desirability of their own wares. 

Today black opals are seen as gems of fearless manifestation. When adorning those who dare, black opal is said to ease anxieties about the unknown while kindling the imagination. Marvelously kaleidoscopic, this black opal ring is mystery and magnificence embodied—a stunning gemstone familiar for one who defies expectations.