$550.00 USD


Fox legends span the earth from ancient Chinese stories to the oral literature of Native Americans. They show up in folklore again and again as a cunning little creature, sometimes a shapeshifter (spirit animal anyone?), sometimes a magical animal with powers of seduction (read: you foxy), or a critter that fights with her mind (ie - a battle of the wits).

A charmingly detailed fox face sits at the forefront of this ring, supported by split shoulders on a size 6 US band. She’s crafted in shiny 14-karat gold because what else should a clever critter like this be made of?

Our Brazen Fox ring is a foxy little thing herself, cheeky and vintage, fierce and wild. She’s here to remind you of your own wildness, that primitive piece of you that can outfox the rest. 

Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold

Size - 6