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Era - Antique c1860

Materials - 18k Gold, Emerald (1ct GIA) & Old Mine Cut Diamonds (.64cts I/VS Well Matched) 

Size - 7.25

The year was 1860. The first riders with the Pony Express raced off to transform the history of mail delivery, Florence Nightingale founded the world’s first professional nursing school, and Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the United States. And while you won’t find it in history books, another event of note was the creation of this enchanting c1860 Antique Emerald Ring. Featuring a centerpiece of exquisite emerald surrounded by dazzling diamonds and set into an 18K gold band, this spectacular specimen of mid-19th century design is a delight to behold. 

Captivating countless individuals throughout time, emeralds are believed to be gemstones of faithfulness, fidelity, and harmony. The perfect gem for celebrating romantic love, emeralds honor the entire expanse of a relationship from the first blush of infatuation to the commitment which endures all trials. But the emerald’s beauty is not reserved solely for those who want to celebrate the love they share with another. As a gem of clarity, insight, hope, and creativity, the emerald is believed to empower anyone who wears it with the courage to pursue their soul’s desire. 

Enhancing the allure of the emerald within their embrace, an array of old mine cut diamonds lend their own strength and tenacity to this marvelous ring. Cut by hand with an eye towards maximum sparkle in candlelight, these diamonds charm the eye with their brilliant contribution to this fantastic ring. A unique piece of the past, this antique ring is ready to be part of your present and future.