$3,600.00 USD


Era - Vintage Cartier

Materials - Platinum, Ruby, Diamonds

Founded in Paris, France nearly 175 years ago, Cartier continues to be among the most beloved of fine jewelers throughout the world, and the Cartier Cupid Serving Love Charm exhibits exactly why. Whimsically dashing, this darling platinum charm features a dazzling Cupid of diamonds all set to serve a ruby heart to some delighted soul.

Known as the god of desire and all things erotic, Cupid could not have picked a better gem to send off on a mission of smitten. Prized as gems of passion, rubies are said to epitomize the flame of longing blazing through the heart and soul of one besotted. Also credited with granting protection and prosperity to the one who wears them, rubies have long been considered among the most splendid of gems ever discovered by humans.

A delightful addition to your charm collection, this playful vintage treasure is love and light embodied in a masterful Cartier creation.