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Era - Art Nouveau 

Materials - 18k Gold & Old Mine Cut Diamond (.40ct)

Size - 5

Width - 8mm

In her memorable poem Risk, Anaïs Nin articulates a truth many have found empowering: In order to flourish, we must be willing to take chances. Perhaps it is no wonder she was born during the creative era known as Art Nouveau. The subtle curves and organic designs of the jewelry crafted during this period were fashioned with an eye to escaping the restraints of the 19th century. Those who adorned themselves with the creations of Art Nouveau artisans were more than bored by the dull monotony of mass-produced pendants, brooches, bracelets, and rings of the time before. Ready to make a bold statement about blooming beyond the bounds of society, they chose pieces which challenged the status quo. 

The Carved Art Nouveau Band is a celebration of blossoming. With a twinkling old mine cut diamond at the center of this bold botanic ring, it is a testament to transcendence. Unfolding beyond stagnation into a fresh way of being—despite the risk—is one of the privileges of existence. Crafted from 14K gold, this magnificent band honors who you already are and who you will have the courage to become as you bloom in your own time.