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Era - Vintage

Materials - 18K White Gold, Natural Pearl & Diamonds

Size - 4

Lustrous emblems of conscious cultivation and intentional nurturance, pearls are said to embody the grace required for navigating life’s ebbs and flows, so it is no wonder we feel a surge of serenity at the sight of the Darling Pearl & Diamond Ring.

A gorgeous portion of peace fashioned from 18K white gold, diamonds, and a radiant natural pearl, this vintage masterwork brings more than jeweled brilliance to bear upon your days, if even a tidbit of the lore surrounding pearls is true.

Symbolic of the wisdom waiting in the shadows of existence, pearls honor what life teaches us through both tumult and tranquility. Gems which need no human intervention beyond discovery to shimmer, shine, and satisfy, pearls are a tribute to the organic, essential beauty of our souls before and beyond what others might try to impose upon us.

A celebration of nature’s magic and magnificence, this spectacular vintage ring is balance, harmony, and timeless allure brought to life. Ideal adornment for every day or those occasions when you could use a reminder that you are oh so glorious just as you are, this pearl and diamond ring is the perfect complement to the marvel that is you.