$3,650.00 USD


Era - Art Deco Inspired Contemporary

Materials - Platinum, Aquamarine (2.10ct), 38 Rose and OEC Diamonds (approx. 0.60tcw H-I/VS-SI)

Size - 7

For as long as the streams of earth have flowed, Kupala has nurtured them and preserved those who bathe within their depths. Slavic Goddess of all water as well as its intrinsic magic, Kupala purifies and protects those who dip into her realm for all manner of cleansing. She is as dynamic as the sea, as powerful as the waves, and as breathtaking as a glimpse of the tropical ocean. Aquamarine is her gemstone, and every element of this glorious Deco Inspired Aquamarine & Diamond Ring does Kupala justice.

Platinum anchors the exquisite construction of this compelling contemporary ring as the undeniable allure of aquamarine swells from within the embrace of brilliant diamonds. Once believed to be the treasure of mermaids, aquamarine is said to protect those who travel by water or spend time near it. Credited with embodying the energy of the ocean, this gemstone is also believed to imbue wearers with an extra measure of elation or serenity as needed during the ebbs and flows of life. And when exploring the depths of one’s own soul or honoring another’s, aquamarine is believed to be a supportive stone for the journey.

Inspired by the geometry of style and the shades of stones preferred during the Art Deco era, this modern masterpiece dazzles with the radiance of a sunshine day on the sea. An offering fit for Kupala, it adds an element of mystical wonder to our mortal days.